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Image Number 1069 (Accessory tragus)

Nodule,skin coloured

Diagnosis: Accessory tragus

Site: Ear

Sex: F

Age: 5


Description: Two, soft, asymptomatic, pedunculated, skin-coloured tags anterior to the tragus present since birth.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


Accessory tragi (Accessory auricles or Preauricular tags) are relatively common and occur as small, firm, skin-coloured tags or nodules composed of skin and cartilage arising on or near the tragus, along a line drawn between the tragus and the corner of the mouth. They may be unilateral, bilateral, single or multiple and either soft or obviously cartilaginous in consistency. Accessory auricles like pre-auricular cysts and sinuses, they commonly occur as a solitary abnormality but in some cases are associated with other malformations of the branchial apparatus.

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