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Image Number 1123 (Recurrent palmar peeling)


Diagnosis: Recurrent palmar peeling

Site: Hand,palm

Sex: M

Age: 18


Description: Bilateral palmar peeling.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


Recurrent palmar peeling has many synonyms like keratolysis exfoliativa, lamellar dyshidrosis and dyshidrosis lamellosa. It is a superficial exfoliative dermatosis of the palms and sometimes the soles characterized by localized peeling with absence of inflammatory changes. The patient here had two previous episodes of asymptomatic superficial palmar peeling. All episodes occurred during summer. The present attack began with localized small areas of peeling that extended peripherally to produce large areas of exfoliation confined to both palms. The patient gave no history of previous drug intake, preceding infection or similar family problem.

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