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Image Number 1131 (Impetigo contagiosa)


Diagnosis: Impetigo contagiosa

Site: Face

Sex: F

Age: 18


Description: Crusted patches around the mouth.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


The first crusted lesion appeared near the angle of the mouth of this female after the infection has been contracted from her 5-year-old sister who had typical impetigo contagiosum on the face about 3-4 days before. The main lesion which was a red patch covered with yellowish white crust extended peripherally reaching about 10 cm diameter with an irregular margin (map-like border) with appearance of more similar but smaller crusted lesions around the mother lesion. The patient was treated with oral cloxacillin 250 mg four times a day with topical fusidic acid cream twice daily for 7 days with complete clearance of all lesions.

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