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Image Number 1166 (Lichen Amyloidosis)


Diagnosis: Lichen Amyloidosis

Site: Shins

Sex: F

Age: 50


Description: Pruritic brownish papules.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


Lichen amyloidosis is characterized by closely set, discrete, brown-red papules that often show some scaling and are most commonly located on the legs, especially the shins, although they may occur elsewhere. Through the coalescence of papules, plaques may form on the legs. These plaques often have verrucous surfaces and then resemble hypertrophic lichen planus or lichen simplex chronicus. Usually the lesions of lichen amyloidosis itch severely. The presented patient has had typical lesions of lichen (papular) amyloidosis on her shins of more than 2 years duration. The lesions caused great troublesome to the patient through severe itching and cosmetic appearance.

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