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Image Number 117 (Anetoderma)

Nodule,skin coloured

Diagnosis: Anetoderma

Site: Arm,upper

Sex: M

Age: 4

Type: Clinical

Description: Localised outpouching of the skin

Submitted by: Ian McColl

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Differential Diagnosis

  • This is not a nodule.It is soft.If you press it with your finger there is a defect in the underlying skin and your finger falls into it.The only thing similar to it is a very soft neurofibroma in the condition neurofibromatosis.
  • Anetoderma can occur with or without any preceding inflammation.
  • Other disorders with localised  loss of elastic fibres in the skin include  cutis laxa, mid dermal elastolysis, and granulomatous slack skin.
  • A recent paper in JAAD noted a prothrombotic tendency in this condition.

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