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Image Number 1579 (Erythema annulare centrifugum)


Diagnosis: Erythema annulare centrifugum

Site: Hand,dorsum

Sex: F

Age: 20


Description: Annular erythema.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis

History: A 20-year-old female gave a long history extended over many years of an annular and polycyclic erythematous lesions with slow peripheral extension involved the dorsum of the hand and flexor surface of the forearm. The surface of lesions was devoid of any scales, crusts or vesicles. She had no mucosal lesions. Skin biopsy showed many lymphocytes organized tightly around the blood vessels in a "coat sleeve" arrangement. The course of the condition was fluctuating in activity (waxing and waning in severity over these years). There was no associated other skin or systemic problem.

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