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Image Number 2313 (Mucinous cyst)


Diagnosis: Mucinous cyst

Site: Wrist

Sex: M

Age: 30


Description: Cystic swelling with viscous fluid.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


Many terms are used to indicate similar or related conditions. The commonest one is ganglion which is a true cyst whereas digital mucous cyst is the ganglion variant familiar to dermatologists which presents as a cystic structure almost always at the proximal border of a finger or toe nail. The digital mucous cyst is a pseudocyst, as the mucinous joint fluid is surrounded by granulomatous response, not a cyst wall. Other related terms are mucinous cyst, mucoid cyst, mucous cyst, synovial cyst, myxoid cyst and myxomatous cyst. Here we present an interesting case of mucinous cyst involved the proximal part of thenar area in a vicinity of wrist joint presents as a large cyst with positive transillumination and on puncturing, a clear gelatinous material oozed out. 



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