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Image Number 2496 (Varicella)


Diagnosis: Varicella

Site: Face

Sex: M

Age: 14


Description: Generalized vesiculobullous rash.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


An interesting unusual case of varicella resembling Stevens-Johnson syndrome in a teenager boy. He presented to the casuality unit with fever and severe blistering involved the face, trunk and extremities of two days duration. He had no previous history of chicken pox and no drug was taken before admission. On examination he had many typical blisters of varicella (many umbilicated blisters on erythematous base and others showed characteristic dew drops on rose petal appearance). Mucous membranes involvement was minimal. The unusual feature was many large bullous lesions, some of which were filled with pus. On oral Acyclovir + cephalexin + Calamine lotion for one week excellent response was reached. 

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