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Image Number 334 (Paget's disease of nipple and areola)


Diagnosis: Paget's disease of nipple and areola

Site: Breast

Sex: F

Age: 20

Type: Clinical

Description: Erythema, erosions and bloody discharge

Submitted by: Shahbaz Janjua

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Differential Diagnosis


Sir James Paget described Paget's disease of nipple and areola in 1874.  The disease usually presents as well demarcated, erythematous, exudative lesion, starting on the nipple and spreading onto the adjacent areola.  As the disease progresses, it leads  to ulceration and destruction of the nipple. The commonest symptoms inculde; a bloody nipple discharge (40%), pain (30%) and pruritus (15%). Paget's disease is almost invariably associated with a ductal carcinoma.   The differential diagnosis includes chronic eczema, intraduct papilloma, malignant melanoma, Bowen's disease and duct ectasia.

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