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Image Number 3711 (Scabetic nodules)

Nodule pink

Diagnosis: Scabetic nodules

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Sex: M

Age: 3

Type: Clinical

Description: Pruritic red nodules.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


 This toddler had personal and family history of scabies of one month duration. He and his family were treated successfully with sulfur ointment for three days. Few days later, he presented with 7 red very itchy nodules. Darier's sign was negative and no puncta of insect bites. He has been diagnosed as post-scabetic allergic nodules (these usually favor penis, scrotum, umbilicus and axillae but can occur elsewhere). Oral diphenydramine HCl and topical moderate potency steroids gave modest improvement. One session of Intalesional corticosteroid (Triamacenolone acetonide 2.5 mg/ml) resulted excellent response. 

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