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Image Number 397 (Leprosy lepromatous)


Diagnosis: Leprosy lepromatous

Site: Finger

Sex: M

Age: 34

Type: Clinical and Histology

Description: Infiltrated plaques on the fingers

Submitted by: Ian McColl

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Differential Diagnosis

History: Lepromatous leprosy  presents as diffuse,plaque or nodular types with a predeliction for cooler acral areas.The skin is not anaesthetic,hypopigmented or anhydrotic in contrast to tuberculoid leprosy where these features are found.Infection is due to Mycobacterium leprae, an acid fast bacillus that grows best at 32 C .Hence a tendency for the lesions to occur on the cooler acral areas of the human body.A host animal in Texas in the USA is the armadillo!

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