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Image Number 405 (Chromomycosis Chromoblastomycosis)


Diagnosis: Chromomycosis Chromoblastomycosis

Site: Leg

Sex: M

Age: 54

Type: Clinical

Description: Verrucous growth on the lower leg

Submitted by: Ian McColl

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Differential Diagnosis

History: Chromoblastomycosis is usually a unilateral disease.There is an initial injury involving a piece of wood and soil during which a deep fungus, Cladosporium carrioni  or Fonsecaea pedrosoi, is implanted into the skin.Thereafter slow grow of the fungus occurs usually over a period of years with a verrucous skin lesion resulting.The best treatment is early surgical excision but if this would be too extensive Itraconazole orally 100mgs daily over 12 months may be successful.

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