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Image Number 4761 (Condylomata accuminata)


Diagnosis: Condylomata accuminata

Site: Perianal

Sex: M

Age: 40


Description: Cauliflower-like perianal growth.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


A 40-year-old married promiscuous male patient who is MSM (Men have sex with men ) as wel, presented with a kissing large (4 cm in largest diameter) warty plaques on the preianal region raised the possibility of CONDYLOMA ACCUMINATA. To manage a case of STD, you have first to exclude other STDs especially (Syphilis & HIV..and even HCV) and second examination of the partner(s) as possible and third in genital warts in perianal region, anoscopy is mandatory to exclude possible extension and to exclude anal cancer.. No prophylaxis except safe legal intercourse.


This case is submitted by Dr. Ayman Abdelmaksoud, MD, Egypt

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