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Image Number 4860 (Cheilitis glandularis)


Diagnosis: Cheilitis glandularis

Site: Lips

Sex: M

Age: 42


Description: Diffuse lower lip swelling.

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


 Cheilitis glandularis or glandular cheilitis is a rare inflammatory disorder of the lip. It is mainly characterized by:

1. swelling of the lip with hyperplasia of the salivary glands

2. secretion of a clear, thick mucus

3. variable inflammation.

4. enlargement and chronic exposure of the mucous membrane on the lower lip becomes affected by the environment, leading to erosion, ulceration, crusting, and, occasionally, infection.

Cheilitis glandularis is more common in adult males, although cases have been described in women and children. In Caucasians, it is associated with a relatively high incidence of SCC of the lower lip. In most cases, treatment is not necessary and may be unsuccessful at restoring the lip to normal. In some cases, associated infection or sun damage might be necessary to be treated. Topical or oral antibiotics, topical or intralesional corticosteroid and vermilionectomy (excision of the entire affected lip) might be tried in certain cases.

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