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Image Number 490 (Infantile digital fibromatosis)


Diagnosis: Infantile digital fibromatosis

Site: Finger

Sex: M

Age: 3

Type: Clinical

Description: Multiple firm nodules on dorsal and lateral surfaces of the fingers

Submitted by: Irfan Bari

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Differential Diagnosis

History: Infantile digital fibromatosis is a distinctive benign fibrous tumour of infancy. It usually presents in the first year of life and occurs exclusively in the fingers and toes but spares the thumbs and great toes. Single or multiple small nodules (less than 2 cm) are found on the sides or dorsum of the interphalangeal joints. Histologically the lesion is characterised by an inclusion body within the cytoplasm. Radiographic examination reveals a noncalcified soft tissue mass. There is often phalangeal dysplasia but rarely bone erosion. Spontaneous regression without surgery has been reported. It has therefore been suggested that surgery should be delayed unless function is compromised. Following surgery 60% of cases recur locally but the final prognosis is excellent

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