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Image Number 563 (Xanthogranuloma)


Diagnosis: Xanthogranuloma

Site: Flexures

Sex: M

Age: 0.3

Type: Clinical

Description: Indurated nodules on upper thigh

Submitted by: Ian McColl

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Differential Diagnosis

History: This 3 months old child had a nodule in the groin flexure at birth which had doubled in size since and become more indurated.A new lesion had recently appeared.Histopathology showed typical features of a xanthogranuloma with Touton giant cells.An eye examination has yet to be done.This is one of the commonest pediatric tumours.They may be single or multiple,occuring usually in the flexures or scalp.They have a yellowish hue about them and an orange peel like surface.Some are more indurated like this one.They may be congenital or arise during childhood.Multiple lesions are more likely to be associated with lesions in the eye presenting as bulbar tumours or with ocular bleeding so an eye examination is necessary.This is a tumour of macrophages that spontaneously involutes after some years leaving an atrophic scar.

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