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Image Number 625 (Herpes Zoster)


Diagnosis: Herpes Zoster

Site: Forehead

Sex: M

Age: 8

Type: Clinical

Description: Multiple non-painful groups of vesicles, on an erythematous base.

Submitted by: Mehravaran Mehrdad

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Differential Diagnosis

History: Ophthalmic zoster, involving the first division of the trigeminal nerve, is associated with ocular complications in one-third to one-half of patients. At highest risk are those with involvement of the nasociliary branch, manifested by a typical herpetic rash on the side and tip of the nose. An 8 year-old male referred with 2 days history of non-painful ophtalmic dermatome grouped vesicles. Patient was treated with acyclovir 200mg , 5 times a day for 5 days. Patient recovered fully with post-inflamatory pigmentation in 2 weeks period. Opthalmologic consultation did not reveal any abnormality. Hematologic evaluation did rule out any malignancy.

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