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Image Number 631 (Dermatitis artefacta)


Diagnosis: Dermatitis artefacta

Site: Hand,dorsum

Sex: M

Age: 19

Type: Clinical

Description: Self-inflicted cigarette burns, done as a means of love-grief or love-regret.

Submitted by: Mehravaran Mehrdad

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Differential Diagnosis

History: New Diagnosis: Scars (atrophized) Scars are new formations of connective tissue that replace loss of substance in the dermis or deeper parts as a result of injury or disease, as a part of the normal reparative and healing process. A 19-year-old male with multiple atrophized scars induced by cigarette burn which is used to be “B” character of Latin words. The skin is the frequent target for the release of emotional tention. Self-injury by the same prolonged compulsive repetitious acts may produce various mutilations, depending upon the act and the site of injury. In these case self-inflicted cigarette burns, done as a means of love-grief or love-regret.

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