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Image Number 665 (Molluscum contagiosum)


Diagnosis: Molluscum contagiosum

Site: Abdomen

Sex: M

Age: 30

Type: Clinical


Submitted by: Mehravaran Mehrdad

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Differential Diagnosis

History: MC an viral infection induced by poxvirus is characterized by single or much oftener multiple, rounded, dome-shaped, pink, waxy papules 2 to 5 mm (or rarely up to 1 cm) in diameter, which are umblicated and contain a caseous plug. The principal sites of incolvement are face, hands, and through sexal transmission, the lower abdomen and genitals. The papules are commonly found on the other parts of the skin and at times are widely distributed. They may also occur on the mucosa membranes of the lip, tounge, and buccal mucosa. The palms are spared, but solitary molluscous has been repoted on the sole. Perilesional dermatitis and conjunctivitis may also be present and have been attributed to toxic substances produced by the virus or to a hypersensitivity reaction to the virus. In sexual active individuals the lesions may be confined to such genital areas as the penis, pubis and inner thighs as in this case. Molluscum contagiosum in normal adults is usually an STD and is found in the genital area. Adults with extensive lesions outside the genital area must be evaluated for immunosuppression, especially HIV infection. A 30-year.old sexualy active male with chief complain of multiple skin-colored, dome-shaped papules confined to genital areas as the penis, pubis and inner thighs. Patient is under weekly cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, STDs evaluation is underway, patient was advised about sexual behaviour and partner follow-up too.

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