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Image Number 670 (Condylomata accuminata)


Diagnosis: Condylomata accuminata

Site: Genital

Sex: M

Age: 26

Type: Clinical

Description: Small groups of papules or cauliflowerlike projection confined to dorsal root of penis.

Submitted by: Mehravaran Mehrdad

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Differential Diagnosis


Condyloma Acuminatum an viral infection induced by HPVs is characterized by small pointed or cauliflower like projections, which multiply to form large vegetating clusters, are sexally transmitted. They occur in men anywhere on the penis or, usually if acquired by rectal intercourse, about the anus; in women on the mucous surfaces of the vulva, cervix, on the perineum, or about the anus. They are especially numerous during pregnancy anf when there is a profuse vaginal discharge. Although usually few, cauliflowerlike masses may develop and, as a result of accumulation of purulent material in the clefts, may be malodorous. Their color is generally gray, pale yellow, or pinkish. There has been a large increase in the incidence of the lesion over the past few years. It is three times as common as herpes simplex and affects chiefly young adults between 18 and 35. There is 50% chance of transmission of the disease by a single sexual contact. The occurance of condyloma acumninatum in the anogenital area in children is strong presumptive evidence of sexual abuse, and warrants a VDRL, gonococcal cultures, and inquiry into the behavior of adults with whom they are associated.

A 26-year.old sexualy active male with chief complaint of small groups of papules or cauliflower like projections confined to dorsal root of penis. Patient was sexally active and more recently had an piercing of distal area of dorsal penis. Patient was under weekly cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen (achieve complete remission in 4 weeks time), STDs evaluation were negative, patient was advised about sexual behaviour and partner follow-up too.

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