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Image Number 730 (Contact dermatitis allergic)


Diagnosis: Contact dermatitis allergic

Site: Toes

Sex: M

Age: 35

Type: Clinical

Description: Pruritic vesicular eruptions

Submitted by: Kiran Nabar

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Differential Diagnosis


   This man had superficial burns to the right great toe. The ulcers had started healing but at the same time the patient developed pruritic vesicular eruptions around the ulcers. He also developed a few pruritic vesicles on the right index finger and right thumb. On questioning he admitted that he used to clean the area with diluted Dettol solution.

          When an original lesion which is healing becomes inflamed and erythematous papulo-vesicles develop in the surrounding area, one must suspect allergic or irritant contact dermatitis to the antibiotic cream  applied to the lesion or to the antiseptic solutions ( dettol, savlon, povidone iodine, hydrogen peroxide etc.) applied to clean the lesion. In general if the lesions are pruritic it is allergic contact dermatitis and if non pruritic it is irritant contact dermatitis.



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