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Image Number 958 (Lip licker's dermatitis)


Diagnosis: Lip licker's dermatitis

Site: Perioral

Sex: M

Age: 8

Type: Clinical

Description: Well-defined hypopgmented scaly eczematous perioral rash

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


Lip-lick cheilitis is common in children with atopic dermatitis. It usually presents as moist or fissured perioral eczema that frequently spreads some distance around the mouth, it may become secondarily infected and crusted. Its persistence, and perhaps its origin, is attributable to habits of liplicking. This atopic child had lip-lick cheilitis due to the habit of continuous liplicking presented with well-defined hypopigmented scaly dermatitis with some impetiginization at the periphery of the rash.

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