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Image Number 969 (Schamberg's disease)


Diagnosis: Schamberg's disease

Site: Leg

Sex: M

Age: 40

Type: Clinical

Description: Slightly itchy, brownish hyperpigmented plaques and patches on both legs of 2 years duration

Submitted by: Nameer Al-Sudany

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Differential Diagnosis


Schamberg’s disease (Progressive pigmented purpuric dermatosis) uncommon eruption affects males more commonly than females and may occur at any age from childhood onwards. The lesions are most frequent on the lower limbs may be few in number or very extensive. The rash consists of irregular plaques of orange or brown pigmentation due to haemosiderin, with characteristic 'cayenne pepper' spots appearing within and at the edge of old lesions. There are usually no symptoms, although there may be some slight itching. The eruption is characteristically very chronic and may persist for many years. Spontaneous resolution may eventually occurs.

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